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Shrinking space for civil society: The future of civic activism


Uncertain Times: The Future of Trans-Atlantic Relations from the Perspective of NGOs and Think Tanks in Central Europe and Hungary
- online webinar series organised by the Hungarian Europe Society -
Fourth Debate
Shrinking space for civil society: The future of civic activism

Date: 12 March 2021, Friday 6:00 - 7:30 p.m. (CET)

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One Million Supporters Are Needed

Györgyi Kocsis attended a meeting on 23 November 2019 in Budapest between representatives of Hungarian NGOs, media-outlets and Marco Perduca, a former Italian senator and co-founder of the human rights defender organisation Science for Democracy. Perduca called the attention to the significance of a new European Citizens' Initiative in the defense of the rule of law in the member states.

Winds of Change in Budapest

Representing the Hungarian Europe Society, Györgyi Kocsis and Kata Nagy participated at the reception given by Budapest Mayor Gergely Karácsony, and Deputy Mayor Gábor Kerpel-Fronius on 20 November 2019 in the Capital City Hall to which more than ninety Hungarian civil organisations had been invited. "NGOs are going to be our living conscience" -  said Gergely Karácsony in his speech at the event, pledging that - in contrast to the past - in the future the Budapest local council is willing to cooperate with the civil sector as a partner in all its important decisions.

Preconditions of Success

Kata Nagy participated at the workshop organised in the framework of the annual Forum 2000 held on 13-15 October 2019 in Prague in the American Center. The Hungarian Europe Society was a co-organiser of the event. The participants from the Visegrad countries explored the issue of „International Cooperation in Non-Profit Sector: Benefits and Challenges”, with special regard to new developments and opportunities of the NGO-s. 

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