Controlled Transition

Júlia Király, who had resigned in April  from her office as the deputy governor of the Hungarian National Bank, gave a talk titled "Hungarian monetary policy during and after the period of András Simor, the former Governor" to the members of the Hungarian Europe Society on 2 May 2013.
Members of the Hungarian Europe Society gave lectures at the annual final meeting of the organisation on 29 December 2018.
On 20 December 2010, the Hungarian Europe Society held its regular annual workshop in the new building of the Representation of the European Commission in Hungary where HES members made presentations for HES members on actual Hungarian and European issues. Program:
Uszkiewicz Erik
The research group of the Hungarian Europe Society presented its third report entitled "What Does the PERC Indicator Show?" about the attitudes of the Hungarian political parties towards the European Union on 28 March 2018 at the Center for Inde
The Hungarian Europe Society held an international workshop on 22-23 May 2009 (Friday afternoon and Saturday) in the Gobelin Hall of the Hungarian Parliament.