Media Representations of EU Matters in National Media Systems - The Hungarian Case

CímMedia Representations of EU Matters in National Media Systems - The Hungarian Case
Közlemény típusaKönyv fejezet / Book Chapter
Év / Year2011
SzerzőkHegedűs, István, Sükösd Miklós, and Jakubowicz Karol
Book TitleMedia, Nationalism and European Identities
Fejezet / Chapter3
Kiadó / PublisherCEU
Város / CityBudapest
Kulcsszavak / Keywordseu, media, national identity

Explores patterns of interaction between the mass media and identity formation in the context of Europeanization. On the one hand, the major contribution of the volume is a comprehensive framework that considers media impacts on four levels of identity: European, regional, national, and ethnic minority identities. On the other hand, authors offer cutting edge analysis of the structural transformation of European media institutions, and policies that shape the future of European media.

The book conceptualizes how transnational European publics should and could be created in an environment that does not feature any significant pan-European commercial and public service media as we know these institutions from the experience of nation states. Normative conceptualizations of the European publics are juxtaposed to empirical analyses of editorial practice, i.e., the ways journalists and political elites actually represent European matters in their respective national media.


Six Communicative Deficits in the European Union, Karol Jakubowicz, Miklós Sükösd 

Section 1: The European Public Sphere and European Integration 
Chapter 1: The Transnationalization/Europeanization of Public Sphere/s, Slavko Splichal 
Chapter 2: What is Europe? Geographies of Journalism, Inka Salovaara-Moring 
Chapter 3: Media Representations of EU Matters in National Media Systems: The Hungarian Case, István Hegedûs
Chapter 4: Pan-European Media: Attempts and Limitations, Peter J. Varga
Chapter 5: Aiding Integration and Identity: The Unfulfilled Roles and Functions of the Romani Media in Eastern Europ, Peter Gross, Katerina Spasovska 

Section 2: National and Transnational Identities 
Chapter 6: The Media and Nationalism, East and West: A Revision of Existing Debates, Sabina Mihelj 
Chapter 7: The Politics of Belonging: Identity Anxiety in the European Union, Farrel Corcoran 
Chapter 8: European Media and the Culture of Europeanness, Dominic Boyer, Miklós Sükösd
Chapter 9: Pan-European, National, Regional and Minority Identities in the Eurovision Song Contest, Gonzalo Torres

Section 3: European Media Policy: Boon or Barrier to European Integration?
Chapter 10: European Melting Pots? European Integration and EU Audiovisual Policy at a Crossroads, Karol Jakubowicz 
Chapter 11: Which Frontiers for EU Media Policy: An Assessment in the Context of the European Project, Monica Arino
Chapter 12: The Clash of Resonance: Media Pluralism in European Regulatory Policies, Beata Klimkiewicz
Chapter 13: Digital Television and the Search for Content, Petros Iosifidis

List of Contributors 

The volume was co-published with the Center for Media and Communication Studies at CEU and was supported by COST A30--a research project of the European Cooperation in Science and Technology. 
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