István Hegedűs

Can Civil Society Defeat Illiberalism?

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The answer by István Hegedűs to Judy Dempsey's question was published on the blog of Carnegie Europe on 12 April 2018. He argued that "civil romanticism in itself will not be enough to save the rest of democratic institutions and the rule of law. Even in the long run, only a resolute cooperation between civil groups and partisan forces, at both national and European levels, can challenge and—one day—defeat Hungarian antiliberalism."

Sweeping Fidesz Victory

The opinion of István Hegedűs was quoted in a New York Times article on 8 April 2018 about Viktor Orbán.  “At each step on this path, the European politicians have proven ineffective,” Mr. Hegedus said. “I think the mistake they made was they viewed him as an enfant terrible, but someone they could deal with. They convinced themselves that we know this man and that there is really nothing at stake.”


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