They Were Heroes

They Were Heroes

Hegedűs István a közönség soraiban Lech Walesa és Nátán Saranszkij beszélgetését hallgatja. / Sitting in the audience, István Hegedűs is listening to the discussion between Lech Walesa and Natan Sharansky.

István Hegedűs participated at the conference "Recovering the Promise of 1989“ organised by Forum 2000 in Prague in Žofín Palace on 13-15 October 2019. 

István Hegedűs gave a presentation about the media policy of the Orbán-Government at the conference “25 Years After: The Challenges of Building Post-Communist Media and Communication Industries” organised...

István Hegedűs participated at the meeting between Guy Verhofstadt and Sophie in 't Veld, ALDE Group Leaders in the European Parliament with Hungarian liberals and NGO representatives in Budapest on 20 November 2015.

István Hegedűs made a presentation entitled "Hard Populism, Radicalised Political Communication, Politics of Fear: Towards a New Phase of the Orbán Regime?" at the conference "Current Populism in Europe: Culture,...

István Hegedűs participated at a round-table discussion of the conference entitled "New Tools of Citizens' Participation in the European Union" organised by DemNet in Kazimir Bisztró, Budapest, on 3 December 2018.