"Such a Dance Cannot Keep For Ever"

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The views of István Hegedűs were quoted in the report of the Süddeutsche Zeitung about Viktor Orbán's political turns on 15 July 2018. Hegedűs remembers above all Orbán's will to power driven by a mix of pragmatism and mission, the chairman of the Hungarian Europe Society claimed among others.
At the annual meeting of the Hungarian Europe Society István Hegedűs was re-elected as chairman of the organisation on 3 November 2011. Jerzy Celichowski and Györgyi Kocsis have become the two vice-chairpersons.
István Hegedűs participated at the panel discussion organised by JEF Hungary and Time for a European Federation on the actuality of the book written by Yannis Karamitsios entitled "Time for a European Federation" in Magnet House, Buda
István Hegedűs participated in a discussion about the political dilemmas in the epoch of the regime-change on 25 March 2021.
István Hegedűs gave a short presentation about the Hungarian political climate at the conference of Das Progressive Zentrum entitled "Open Spaces!