The State of Affairs

István Hegedűs was interviewed in
István Hegedűs was the guest of the program called "Brussels' Dictate" in Tilos Rádió on 23 December 2019.
István Hegedűs gave a presentation entitled "The Sate of the European Union Before Brexit and the European Elections" for the Scientific Student Circle on Human Rights, Law and Social Theory at the University of Pécs on 3 April 2019.
István Hegedűs commented the former Macedon Prime Minister's political asylum seeking in Hungary who escaped from his prison sentence and the assistance of the Hungarian government in The New York Times on 15 November 2018. Hegedűs claimed that the support of Viktor Orbán, “this sort of dance...
István Hegedűs made a presentation for students of the Institute for Political Studies of the Bergische Universität Wuppertal at the Andrássy University in Budapest on 25 October 2017.