Scandal Party

István Hegedűs gave a presentation entitled "Hungarian Exceptionalism or the Orbanisation of Europe?" at the conference "Current Populism in Europe: What's Next?" organised by the Institute for International Studies Charles University in Prague together with Heinrich Böll Stiftung at the Goethe...
István Hegedűs participated at a round-table discussion of the conference entitled "New Tools of Citizens' Participation in the European Union" organised by DemNet in Kazimir Bisztró, Budapest, on 3 December 2018. 
István Hegedűs was one of the experts who answered Judy Dempsey's question on Carnegie Europe's blog on 28 February 2018.
István Hegedűs gave an interview to Klubrádió on 7 September 2015 about the political judgement on Viktor Orbán in Europe.
On 30 January 2015 István Hegedűs gave an interview to Klubrádió about the visit of the German Chancellor in Hungary.