We are civil society, we are free, we are Hungarians and we are Europeans

On 19-20 September 2008, Attila Bartha, István Hegedűs and Beáta Huszka participated at the conference of LIBSEEN entitled “The Liberal future of the region” in Osijek.     
Jan-Werner Müller, Professor at Princeton University held a presentation on 11 March, 2009.
In the framework of the Citizen-rights project trainers of the Foundation for Democratic Youth in co-operation with the Hungarian Europe Society held sessions about democratic rights and responsibility for altogether hundred students of the Petri
WINNERS of the competition In 1989 our region, Central and Eastern Europe rose up. The countries of the region regained their freedom and independence, and they started on their path of democratization and development. Finally, in 2004, the V4 countries joined the European Union, an area of freedom...
The answer by István Hegedűs to the question of Judy Dempsey "Is the Coronavirus Breeding Disinformation Across Europe?" was published on the blog of Carnegie Europe on 9 April 2020.