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In Bilbao István Hegedűs analysed the political stance of the Hungarian government in the European migration crisis in the newspaper DEIA on 29 September 2015.
István Hegedűs talked about the economic strong man of Fidesz in an article published in Vasárnapi Hírek on 15 February 2015.
The views of István Hegedűs were quoted in a piece by Stefano Giantin in Il Piccolo on 14 February 2014 about the potential outcome of the
On 8 March 2012 the presentation of István Hegedűs entitled Európai vagy magyar Magyarország held at the international conference organised by the Hungarian Europe Society on 2 March 2012 in Budapest was pu
István Hegedűs was interviewed in Suomen Kuvalehti on 20 December 2023 about Viktor Orbán's behaviour at the meeting of the European Co