Judy Dempsey Asks

Carnegie Europe Blog
István Hegedűs answered Judy Dempsey's question on the blog of Carnegie Europe on 26 April 2017.
The Bulgarian newspaper cited the opinion of István Hegedűs on the Hungarian political development on 6 January.
István Hegedűs expressed his views on the room of maneuver of the Hungarian government after the statement of the European Commission in Il Piccolo on 13 January 2
You can listen to the interview (in Hungarian) on the following link:  http://beszelo.c3.hu/hangoscikk/a-klubradio-szabad-a-palya-c-musoranak-2012-marcius-25-i-adasa
The opinion of István Hegedűs was published in Origo about the decision of the political groups in the European Parliament on 6 October 2014. According to the vote, the former member of the Hungarian Orbán-government has not received the portfolio signalled to him by Jean-Claude Juncker.