Illiberal Democracy?

On 16 October 2014, the weekly "168 Óra" published the opinion of István Hegedűs about the hearing of the Hungarian commissioner-designate in the European Parliament.
István Hegedűs's opinion was published in the periodical 168 óra on 20 September 2018 about the conseqeunces of the Sargentini report.
István Hegedűs, together with former Hungarian foreign minister Péter Balázs, was a guest in the radio program "Wednesday 11" of the weekly 168 óra on 16 April 2014. Download the interview (in Hungarian)
The opinion of István Hegedűs was cited about the political situation in Hungary in an article published in Monitor Global Outloo
The views of István Hegedűs were quoted in a piece by Stefano Giantin in Il Piccolo on 14 February 2014 about the potential outcome of the